Michigan Online Colleges

Online Colleges in Michigan

After more than a decade in the doldrums, Michigan’s economy finally is picking up steam, with the state’s unemployment rate reaching the lowest level it’s been since 2002, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The economy has changed, though. While the auto industry has recovered somewhat, it’s not the driving force it once was. Some experts theorize that the changes they’re seeing make it more difficult for low-skill workers with minimal education to find stable, full-time jobs that earn them a livable income, the Free Press also reported.

Meanwhile, the state’s percentage of adults 25 and older with college degrees is lower than the rest of the country, according to a recent report, meaning that there’s likely a gap between the skills workers have and the skills employers require.

Michigan Online School an Appealing Alternative

Fortunately, that gap is easier to fill today than it ever has been. With online colleges such as Ashford University, students can learn the skills they need and earn the credentials they want to thrive in today’s economy. And they can do it with the flexibility to fit school into their lives rather than changing their lives to fit a college schedule.


Ashford Offers an Option for a Michigan Online Degree

Ashford offers degrees in high-demand fields such as health care and business, as well as liberal arts and education degrees. The university has bachelor’s as well as master’s degree programs.

Ashford students also can receive college credit for work experience or military training, too, letting them save both time and money as they earn their degrees.

Ashford a Leading Innovator among Online Colleges in Michigan

While there are many online colleges, Ashford’s system revolves around technology designed with student needs in mind. The Constellation Learning Platform lets students create personal digital notebooks, read text and highlight it as they go or listen to audiobooks from a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Ashford Mobile is optimized for smart phones and tablets. Through this system, students can read discussion boards, check grades or find support on the go.

Through these and other tools, including online libraries and student organizations, Ashford helps students get the educations they want today to succeed in the workforce tomorrow. Ashford is designed to let students find programs that fit their unique needs and goals, no matter where they live or how complicated their schedules.