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Accredited Online Colleges in Missouri

At last, Missouri and the rest of the nation is pulling out of the recession. Many experts believe, though, that the economic problems reflected not just a downturn but a sea change.

In manufacturing, for example, a regional economist says jobs are still there but they require more brain and less brawn than a generation ago.

Missouri Online Colleges are a Convenient Option

The best-paying jobs will require more than a high school diploma. The Missouri Economic Research and Information Center sees financial management, market research analysis, and computer and information systems management as growth careers through 2022. These fields should also see salary growth surpassed only by medical and legal professions.

The big message in those statistics: People who want their incomes to grow must invest in themselves. Though many students do that at brick and mortar colleges and universities in Missouri, others turn to online colleges such as Ashford University.

Ashford Among Accredited Online Colleges in Missouri

For working adults who need to keep their jobs as they continue their education, the “always on” portability of an online university is a great way to ensure that they can get ahead in the future.  

At Ashford, students can earn degrees in many of the hottest fields, including business information systems, eMarketing, and finance. Often they can jump-start their education with college credit for work and life experience or military training.

This accredited online university offers Master’s programs as well, allowing students to transition seamlessly to advanced degrees.

Ashford is a Leader Among Missouri Online Colleges and Universities

Ashford offers students the convenience of studying where and when they can, whether it’s at home or during a commute. The Constellation Learning Platform allows students to create their own digital notebooks or listen to audiobooks from any computer or smart phone. Through Ashford Mobile, students can check grades or read discussion forums on the run, via a smart phone or tablet.

Technological innovation is part of Ashford’s pledge to create a program that reflects the way today’s students live and learn. Ashford lets students fit school into their lives rather than forcing them to fit into the college’s schedule. Credits may be transferred from other colleges, and financial aid is available to those who qualify. Ashford assigns a personal admissions counselor from the start to ensure that students get the information they need.

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