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According to the U.S. Census, more than 30 percent of New York state residents hold a Bachelor's degree or higher; this means that at least 1 in 4 adults in the state have an educational edge over high school grads in the job market.

This discrepancy between those who hold degrees and those who do not may encourage more adult New Yorkers to pursue higher education online. By offering flexible hours that can fit around family or work commitments, online college degree programs in New York are gaining popularity among working adults who want to close their personal education gaps.

Online New York Colleges & Degrees Offered

New York state is home to the second highest number of degree-granting institutions in America, including many institutions that offer online college and university education opportunities. There are online colleges in New York that can provide education at the certificate, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate degree levels. In fact, the Open Education Database records more than 180 accredited post-secondary schools offering online degrees in New York.

Ashford University Uses Online Technology to Support NY Students

While many New York colleges may offer versions of their college degree courses online, Ashford University offers an immersive, technologically focused online program that allows students to stay connected to their learning online in a deeply functional manner.

Ashford's technology-focused learning programs give students the tools necessary for success with online higher education. Innovative digital tools like the Ashford Mobile application and the Constellation interactive learning platform keep learning materials accessible for online degree students with specially designed student-centered features.

Ashford University & Versatile Degree Options

When it comes to higher education online, people generally attend for one of two reasons: some people want to complete a general degree program to acquire a wide berth of knowledge and critical thinking skills, while others want to study a specific, targeted subject in great depth. Ashford University is an ideal online education choice for either situation, offering both broad and specialized degree programs.