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National economists see a job market that’s going like gangbusters, and they expect that growth to extend to industries such as health care and finance as businesses become more optimistic that the economic growth is sustainable, according to USA Today.

In Tennessee, economists at Chase Bank say the national growth is buoying the Volunteer State as well.

According to a report by the Center for Business & Economic Research at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, projections well into the next decade show a demand for workers in restaurants and retail, merchandising, banking services, and early childhood development. They see the demand for qualified applicants in these fields far outpacing the number of people with credentials to do the jobs.

Online Colleges in Tennessee Offer Great Possibilities

But how does a daycare worker earn a relevant education while juggling a full-time job with family obligations? And can a restaurant employee with an eye on management possibly fit college into an ever-changing work schedule?

Increasingly, the answer is yes for students who turn to an online college such as Ashford University. With Ashford’s impressive array of technological tools that let working adults study when and where they want, college is an achievable goal, not an impossible dream.

Ashford also offers impressive array of degrees that make it possible for some students to follow their education path from Associate’s to Master’s, all while staying with their current employers and accumulating seniority as they earn the qualifications that may let them move ahead in the line at promotion time.

Ashford Among the Tennessee Online Colleges That Make It Easy

Ashford University’s goal is to take the stress out of college so students can concentrate on learning the skills they need to succeed. A personal advisor is assigned to each student from the start to help navigate the admissions process, financial aid, and transfer credits. Ashford also allows credits for work and life experience as well as credit based on national assessments and military training. It’s a combination of possibilities that saves students time and money.

Ashford A Leader Among Online Colleges in Tennessee

Ashford University makes it easy for students to access classes wherever their day takes them, whether they’re at home after the rest of the family has gone to bed or taking a quick practice test during a lunch break.

Through Ashford Mobile, students can connect via smart phones or tablets, while the Constellation Learning Platform allows easy access via the Internet. No matter the platform, students can store their work in the cloud, so it’s available however they sign on the next time.

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