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The good news: The nation’s job market recently created more than 1 million jobs in three months, the first time that’s happened since 1997, according to Reuters. Virginia’s economy is gearing up right along with the rest of the country.

The challenge: The state’s economy is changing in ways that will require more workforce training, business leaders say. Across the country, the high-paying jobs are in fields such as computer and information systems, finance, communications, and human resources. Virginia is no exception.

A Virginia Online College May Boost a Career

This information means that many workers will be forced to retool, either earning a degree in a new discipline or supplementing an Associate’s degree or high school diploma. For adults faced with balancing the need for more education with the need for income, an online college degree from Ashford University is a great solution.

Ashford University: A Virginia Online School with a Difference

Ashford University takes pride in bringing college to students rather than forcing students to go to college. The University’s innovative technology allows learners to access classes, textbooks, and support anywhere simply by logging on through a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The University has created a true learning community that connects students with faculty and fellow students. Students interact online through the University’s Facebook page, and they network face-to-face at events across the country.

Ashford offers online student organizations as well as volunteer opportunities close to home. It’s all designed to give students a rich, full college experience that fits into their schedules and their lives.

Ashford also understands that wading through the admissions, financial aid, and transfer credit processes can be daunting. That’s why Ashford’s student services department assigns advisors to guide students through each of these areas and answers any questions they may have.

A Virginia Online Degree From Ashford May Open Doors

Ashford offers more than 50 Bachelor’s degrees. There are a variety of Master’s degree programs as well. Each program is designed to ensure that students graduate with the skills they need to succeed in the job market and with a firm grasp of the latest advances in their fields.

The offerings are in the hottest of today’s hot business careers, including business information systems, finance, human resources management, and public relations and marketing. A Bachelor’s degree is also available in the growing field of health care administration. Those in public safety can earn degrees in homeland security and emergency management or social and criminal justice.

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