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Wisconsinites are loyal, remaining in the Badger State through tough times. According to statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Administration, in a typical year, only approximately 2% of Wisconsin residents move to other states or countries.

That patience could be about to pay off. The Wisconsin Bankers Association has predicted good times ahead, issuing its most optimistic economic forecast in five years. The group’s leaders see promising signs in the banking, health care, and housing industries in particular.

Wisconsin Online Colleges Help Prepare For The Future

The new jobs will require more of workers, though. According to an oft-cited jobs forecast by Georgetown University, by 2020 65% of all jobs (nationally) will require some postsecondary education and training beyond a high school education.

How can Wisconsinites position themselves to compete for these positions yet still stay close to their families and homes? Many will do so by attending online universities in Wisconsin.

Innovation and Technology drives Wisconsin Colleges Online

Ashford University provides a perfect way to earn a degree while meeting other life demands. This online college lets adults continue to work and allows any student study from home while earning a degree.

Ashford is created with just such students in mind. The University is committed to technological innovation that lets students study anywhere they can find an Internet connection, using any device at hand.

The University’s Constellation® program allows access through a computer, laptop, iPad® or Android® tablet. Everything is on the cloud, letting students pick up where they left off, no matter where they last were located or how they were connected.

Ashford Mobile takes portability to ultimate levels, letting students connect to courses, interact on discussion threads and contact key staff through an iPhone® or Android device.

Plan Your Future With Wisconsin Online Universities Such As Ashford

Ashford University offers dozens of Bachelor’s programs, including majors in fields that comprise Wisconsin’s job growth.

The College of Health, Human Services, and Science offers online programs in health care administration and health information management, while the Forbes School of Business® lets business administration majors specialize in disciplines such as finance.

Ashford also makes it easy for students to receive college credit for work or military experience, letting them earn their degrees in less time and with less tuition costs.

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