Leader and Development Grant Disclosure and Waiver

This content is intended to inform you (the student) of certain important conditions of the Leader Development Grant (LDG) offered to you by your Third Party Agency and Ashford University. If you choose to participate in the LDG, your signature on this form acknowledges your agreement with all of the terms and conditions of the Leader Development Grant.

This grant is intended to help students avoid educational loan debt by funding a recipient’s direct education-related costs. Direct education-related costs are tuition for all eligible courses (limited to two repeated courses), Technology Fee (per course), course materials, instructional materials, graduation fee, and Prior Learning Assessment Fees. If both electronic and hard copy course materials are available for the same course, the LDG program will only fund the electronic course materials, and if a student chooses to receive hard copy course materials, the student will be responsible to pay the difference in price and shipping costs.

Students are still responsible for expenses outside of those paid by the Leader Development Grant, including but not limited to transcript fees and living expenses. See the Leader Development Grant Payment Option Breakdown form for more details on what fees are paid by the LDG.

The Leader Development Grant Agreement between your Third Party Agency and Ashford University will provide a 100% payment of your direct education-related costs associated with your program of study for any approved consecutive 12-month period. The Leader Development Grant funds up to ten (10) undergraduate or eight (8) graduate courses per 12-month period; however, Ashford University does not guarantee that you will be able to take this maximum amount of coursework in any given 12-month period.

One condition of the Leader Development Grant is that you agree not to receive any federal student financial aid (such as, Pell grant and Direct Loans) while a recipient of the Leader Development Grant for any education related expense. The choice to receive federal student financial aid or the LDG is completely optional. You may apply for federal student financial aid before you agree to this condition or at any point during your enrollment and Ashford University will assist you with the application process. However, if you choose to receive federal student financial aid, you will become ineligible for the LDG. Should you choose to receive federal student financial aid during an LDG grant period, the LDG grant will be automatically cancelled and you will be responsible for any and all charges incurred outside of the LDG period in the event that you cease to be eligible. Loss of eligibility will be effective at the end of your current course once Ashford is notified or aware of your loss of eligibility.

Students who are currently receiving federal student financial aid will not be eligible to start utilizing the Leader Development Grant program until the end of the current payment period and after any existing balance is resolved. Any future federal student financial aid disbursements will be canceled at your direction upon acceptance of the LDG. To cancel your future payments, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

An additional condition of the Leader Development Grant is that you maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in your program of study. Receipt of an unsuccessful grade (defined as an “F,” “WF,” “W,” or for General Education Competency courses, below a “C-”), may necessitate your LDG eligibility being reviewed by the LDG Review Committee. The committee will consist of at least one Ashford Representative and a representative from your Third Party Agency. The LDG program will pay for up to two (2) repeat courses over your entire program of study. Students who receive more than two (2) unsuccessful grades during their course of study will lose eligibility for the LDG. Concurrent enrollment, defined as more than one class in each 5 (undergrad) or 6 (graduate) week period, is not allowed for LDG recipients unless pre-approved by the Leader Development Grant Review Committee.

As an LDG recipient, you must comply with the terms set forth in your enrollment agreement, LDG eligibility forms, and all applicable Ashford University policies.


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