Hall Council & Hall Cabinets

Hall Council & Hall Cabinets are the governing and programming groups for students living in residence halls at the campus in Clinton, Iowa. Hall Council is the umbrella organization that works to collaboratively address concerns of residence hall students through the BW Hall Cabinet, Durham Hall Cabinet and Regis Hall Cabinet.

Hall Council provides exciting opportunities and activities during Orientation, Welcome Week, Family Weekend, Finals Week and Civility Week on campus. The individual Hall Cabinets provide activities and events specific to each residence hall that promote a living environment conducive to improving academic, social, cultural, spiritual and physical health of residents.

Students involved in the Hall Council & Hall Cabinets gain experience in leadership development, event and activity planning, fiscal responsibility, as well as communication and teamwork skills. The Hall Council composition includes the following positions, elected each April:

  • Hall Council Executive President
  • Hall Council Secretary/Treasurer
  • BW Hall Cabinet President
  • Durham Hall Cabinet President
  • Regis Hall Cabinet President

The individual building Hall Cabinets are composed of the building Hall Cabinet President, one Floor Representative per building, and the Residents Assistants of each building. Floor Representatives are selected during the first two weeks of each semester.

These organizations are integral in the Residence Life system. Further information can be obtained from Resident Assistants, Hall Coordinators or the Associate Directors of Campus Student Affairs.

For more information, contact the Hall Council Advisor, Scott Mitchell, Director of Campus Student Affairs, ext. 27152 or scott.mitchell@ashford.edu.

Executive Board:

  • Hall Council Executive President: Cristian Pacheco
  • Hall Council Secretary/Treasurer: Samantha Green
  • BW Hall Cabinet President: Froilan Marchan
  • Durham Hall Cabinet President: Laurell Hinton
  • Regis Hall Cabinet President: Brianna Herin