Latin American Student Organization

Ashford University's Latin American Student Organization (LASO) has several purposes:

  • Promote activism and advocacy;
  • Provide mentorship;
  • Promote diversity;
  • Promote better race relations;
  • Demonstrate proper leadership skills and unity throughout the community;
  • Raise awareness about Latin American issues, both past and present;
  • Foster interest in social, economic, political and environmental aspects of the region; and
  • Organize events that inform about the cultural richness of Latin America.

Membership in L.A.S.O. is open to anyone who shows an interest in Latin America and its culture.

President: Rafael Ortega
Vice President: Gema Delgado
Treasurer: Daniela Herrera
Publicist: Syndia Delgado

For more information, please contact Christina Mahoney at ext. 27136 or

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