Latin American Student Organization

Ashford University's Latin American Student Organization (LASO) has several purposes:

  • Promote activism and advocacy;
  • Provide mentorship;
  • Promote diversity;
  • Promote better race relations;
  • Demonstrate proper leadership skills and unity throughout the community;
  • Raise awareness about Latin American issues, both past and present;
  • Foster interest in social, economic, political and environmental aspects of the region; and
  • Organize events that inform about the cultural richness of Latin America.

Membership in L.A.S.O. is open to anyone who shows an interest in Latin America and its culture. Meetings are held on Thursdays at 8:30 pm in the BW purple and gold room.

President: Eric Villafuerte 
Vice President: Alma Alegria  
Treasurer: Gema Delgado
Secretary: Rafael Ortega
Publicist: Daniela Herrera
Event Coordinator: Jonathan Delgado

For more information, please contact Christina Mahoney at ext. 7375 or

Pictured above right, L.A.S.O. 2013-2014 members: front row, left to right - Brittany Young-Strickland, Syndia Delgado, Fatima Pinedo, Diana Ortega, Alma Alegria, Daniela Herrera, and Jhoana Hernandez. Top row, left to right - Jonathan Delgado, Rafael Ortega, Eric Villafuerte, Fredi Lopez, and Noah Borges.

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