Leadership and Professional Development

Leadership and Professional Development

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Ashford University's Leadership and Professional Development Team have received tremendous responses at conferences such as the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Symposium, Talent Strategies, American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) International, and Operation Career Transition. Due to the demand, it is clear that the information is striking a chord with many organizations. You are now invited to join us in sharing knowledge, strategies, and resources to develop yourself both personally and professionally.

Please take a look at the event calendar; the Leadership and Professional Development team events include both live and virtual workshops so you can conveniently join us when and where you can! Visit our workshops page to view the full listing of workshops available, and the speaker bios.

If you have any questions, please email us at professionaldevelopment@ashford.edu.

Professional Development Virtual Workshop Webinar Series

If you are unable to join the Ashford University Leadership & Professional Development Team in person, you can access an abbreviated version of our workshops through a 30 minute Virtual Workshop. The Virtual Workshops are a great way to gain professional development from your own desk.

Sign up for one of our workshops or monthly webinars by clicking on the title in the events calendar. There is no cost to attend, but space is limited so sign up today!

The Virtual Workshops available include:


Grab your coffee, and join us for a quick jolt of learning as we channel the spirit and energy of the coffeehouse to foster collaboration among your teams.

  • Discover how the spirit and energy of the coffee house can be used to foster collaboration among teams.
  • Explore how simple shifts to an environment have monumental effects on your team.
  • Learn exciting activities that will help unlock your team's creativity and contributions.


Cutting edge successful organizations now understand the power of a healthy, happy workforce and its contribution to organizational success. Get your quick dose of an inspiring formula to tap into your greatest potential!

  • Learn how to assess your personal wellbeing and discover strategies to improve upon each life domain.
  • Explore new concepts and tools that will help you to be in better control of your personal and professional wellness.


Learn how to assess your current Career Wellbeing, and create an action plan for change.

  • Gain valuable insight on improving your level of wellness by choosing the right career for you.
  • Understand what it means to do what you love to do!


According to Gallup, your Social Wellbeing is strongly influenced by your closest relationships and social connections.

  • Learn how to positively increase your chance for happiness and success by looking at your closest connections.
  • Acquire tips on how to be more effectively social at work.


With thriving Physical Wellbeing you will look better, feel better, and live longer!

  • Discover the benefits that exercise, proper nutrition, and essential rest have on your personal wellbeing.
  • Receive strategies that will improve your appearance and your attitude.


Financial security, according to Gallup, has much more influence on your overall wellbeing than your income alone.

  • Capitalize on sound financial decisions to help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Learn what it means to be truly financially independent.


Being involved in your community can bring unexpected benefits to your life.

  • Enrich your life by placing yourself in the right environment.
  • Learn how giving your time could be the best gift of all.
  • Experience how doing a few small things can have a tremendous impact to your life.

Learn more about Ashford's workshops and professional development team. Please contact professionaldevelopment@ashford.edu if you have any questions.

1/23 Career Wellbeing Webinar
2/20 Social Wellbeing Webinar
3/19 Physical Wellbeing Webinar
3/19 CLO Symposium Conference Workshop
3/22 iVentive Conference Workshop
4/24 Financial Wellbeing Webinar
4/29 Marcus Evans CLTD Summit Workshop
5/19-5/22 ASTD International Conference Workshop
6/16- 6/19 SHRM Annual Conference & Expo Booth Workshop
7/17 Coffeehouse Collaboration Virtual Workshop
9/11 Community Wellbeing Virtual Workshop
9/15-17 The CIO Forum
9/25-27 CA Women Veterans Leadership Conference
9/30-10/2 CLO Fall Symposium
10/9 Lead Yourself First: Qualities and Roles Virtual Workshop
11/13 Lead Yourself First: Find Your Why Virtual Workshop