Payment Option Breakdown

This grant is intended to help you avoid educational loan debt by funding your direct education- costs. One condition of the LDG is that you agree not to receive any federal financial aid (such as Pell grant and Direct Loans) while a recipient of the LDG for any education-related expense. The choice to receive either the federal student financial aid or the LDG is completely optional.

Please read through the full LDG Payment Option Breakdown, LDG Policy, and LDG Disclosure and Waiver before applying for this set of benefits. You are also expected to comply with all other institutional policies, including those outlined in the current Ashford University Academic Catalog.

  • Ashford Online Undergraduate Students
  • Ashford Online Graduate Students


Leader Development Grant – The Leader Development Grant is jointly funded by your Employer and Ashford University and will cover 100% of your required direct education-related costs (as listed above) associated with your academic program for the approved consecutive 12-month period and does not need to be repaid. The LDG program is not available to students who receive federal student financial aid for the same enrollment period or to students who are not eligible for the full employer tuition assistance amount required to participate in LDG.

Federal Student Financial Aid – When choosing to apply for the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Financial Aid, by submitting a FAFSA, you may apply for both loans and grants.

Grants, unlike loans, do not have to be repaid, similar to the LDG. The Federal Pell Grant program 2015-2016 annual award ranges from $0 to $5,775 and is based on student need as calculated by a federal formula, so not all students will qualify.

You may also qualify for loans which must be repaid with interest. The Direct Stafford Loan program awards range from $9,500 to $12,500 per award year for full-time independent undergraduate students and up to $20,500 per award year for full-time graduate students. Graduate students may also qualify for a credit-based Graduate Plus Loan with an award amount up to the cost of attendance which includes both direct institutional charges and indirect costs like living expenses. Direct Loans and Graduate Plus Loans all have upfront origination fees up to 4.29% of the amount borrowed and must be repaid with interest up to 7.21%.

Resources is a website created by the U.S. Department of Education as a one-stop resource which provides information about: 1) how to prepare for college, 2) how to get started, and 3) ways to pay for your education. is a website created by the U.S. Department of Education for students to apply for federal student financial aid. If you submit a FAFSA, Ashford University will determine the actual amount of federal student financial aid you will qualify for during the award year. Just submitting a FAFSA does not make you ineligible for the LDG program; you will become ineligible for the LDG program only if you decide to accept the federal student financial aid funding option.

Net Price Calculator - Since funding your education can sometimes be a challenge, you should know the net price of your degree program before you start. The Net Price Calculator will give you a clear estimate of how much it costs to attend Ashford University. Please visit the Net Price Calculator on our website for more information.

Please contact the Ashford University Financial Services Department at 800.798.0584 for more information.


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