Psychology Club

The mission of the Ashford University Psychology Club is to serve students interested in the field of psychology. We aim to provide information about community service, volunteer services, related employment, and graduate school. In addition, we provide fellowship among students and faculty, and are active in helping the community, specifically by fundraising and by informing students about mental health issues. The Psychology Club is for all psychology majors, as well as for anyone else interested in helping the community. This is a great way to meet new friends and to provide a valuable service to the community! Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 11:50 and Wednesdays at noon in room A345.

For more information, contact The Psychology Club advisor, Ted Eilders, via email at

President: Monica Matje
Vice President: Lindsey Renkes
Secretary: Melody Williams
Treasurer: Chase Cartwright

In image, 2011-2012 Psychology Club Group. Front row: Melody Williams, Carlos Jimenez, Kassi Brooks, Sarah Bauer, Medjne Duver, Brittany Zinser; second row: Monica Matje, Lindsey Renkes, Kelsey Munck, Phylicia King, Kaelyn Dierickx and Shelby Wilkens; third row: Devin Land, Maria Zavala, Brenda Arteaga, Emily Eriks, Lisa Holm and Ashlee Eng; and back row: Bruce Bradway, Ted Eilders, Annie Niebuhr, Ariel Wade, Jacob Harroof and Chase Cartwright.

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