Student Disciplinary Process FAQ

Where can I find out about the Student Community Standards Disciplinary Process?
The full details of the disciplinary process are located in the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of the Ashford University Academic Catalog.

Will the sanctions go on my student records?
A record of the incident stays with the Student Community Standards office and contains documents related to the student conduct issue(s) you had while you were an Ashford student.

Are my records confidential?
Yes. Only certain Ashford University staff members have access to your student conduct records.

How long are my records on file?
To comply with federal law, we retain student conduct records seven years from your last date of attendance.

Will other schools find out about my record?
The only way other schools will know about your student conduct record with Ashford is if you voluntarily provide the information or authorize the other school to view the information.

Will potential employers have access to my student conduct record?
Employers must provide your written permission to access your disciplinary records with Ashford University.