CHAMPS Peer Mentoring for Online Students

This exciting new program is not yet open for enrollment. While this program is still under construction, you can learn more about the program’s benefits, requirements, and more below. Check back soon for updates!


Provide direct support and guidance for new students while simultaneously developing your leadership skills as a CHAMPS peer mentor. Taking its namesake from Ashford’s St. Bernard mascot Champ, CHAMPS stands for:

Mentoring for


By becoming a CHAMPS peer mentor, you can:

  • Serve a new on-line learner as they acclimate to the demands of returning to school.
  • Share your experience and how you achieved academic success at Ashford University.
  • Inspire new students as they overcome the adjustments of studying on-line.
  • Contribute to the academic success of new students in Ashford’s online programs.
  • Enhance your own career marketability through leadership experience.
  • Create a stronger overall sense of connection and belonging amongst Ashford’s online community and future alumni.


Along with first-hand experience in overcoming the various challenges presented by pursuing a degree online, Mentors should have a passion for helping others.

Mentors and their Mentees communicate regularly to discuss best practices, challenges, strategies for success, and just to have fun!

Mentors are matched with their Mentees during their first few introductory courses.

Additionally, Program Administrators are available to ensure both students are getting the most out of the mentoring relationship, offer support when needed, and answer any questions the Mentors may not be able to.


Mentors must have earned a minimum of 50 credits thus far at Ashford University with no more than 18 credits to go before graduation, and they must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 or higher.

During the course of this 7-week long formal mentoring program, Mentors and their Mentees communicate at least once per week through any variety of formats including phone calls, texts, email, social media, and video or audio conferences such as Skype, iChat, Google+ hangouts, and more.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting opportunity!