New Student Experience and Engagement Department

Ashford University’s New Student Experience and Engagement Department (NSEE) assists in transitioning new students to college life. NSEE helps new students foster a strong connection with the Clinton campus community and encourages self-exploration and personal growth.

Freshman Experience

EXP 103 Freshman Experience is a three-credit course that every student with fewer than 12 semester transfer credits must take on the Clinton campus. The Freshman Experience course at Ashford University includes all-encompassing programming that supports academic and personal aspects of a student’s transition to the Ashford community. Students will:

  • Learn strategies and techniques that apply throughout their lives, such as time management and study tactics
  • Build a foundation for becoming contributing members of their communities
  • Explore clubs and organizations
  • Locate and utilize Clinton campus resources. The Freshman Experience enables students to connect with the Clinton campus, share their experience and achievements, and gain a sense of self-awareness and community with others
  • Reach out to their Clinton campus advisors

There will also be many guest speakers throughout the semester, from both the Clinton campus and the community. A CHAMP Peer Mentor is assigned to each Freshman Experience course to assist and encourage students in and out of the classroom.

Learning communities are a series of two or three courses that involve the same students, and are a fun way to connect with others and succeed academically. Each learning community has a particular focus, or theme, providing an opportunity for new students to select an area for deeper analysis. Each one emphasizes active and engaged learning, while participating in a collaborative environment. Students should consider participating in a Learning Community if they appreciate the academic and social advantages of belonging to an exceptionally close, caring community of peers, and dedicated faculty, who share a commitment to the University. Each Learning Community offered at Ashford University has a Freshman Experience course within it.