Online Student Organizations

Ashford’s online student organizations currently include:

Online Psychology Club
Online Sociology Club
Sigma Epsilon Kappa

Check back often to see what new organizations have been added, or propose your own idea for one. 

Online Psychology Club
This student group is a collaborative effort between Ashford’s psychology faculty members in the College of Health, Human Services, and Science and learners who have a strong interest in psychology.

The mission is to:
  • build community
  • offer a supportive environment
  • promote the understanding of psychology as a science
  • provide students with information relevant to graduate school, career opportunities, research, and leadership opportunities at Ashford 
The faculty advisors are Dr. Eric Klein, Chair of Ashford’s Psychology program, and Dr. Stephen Brewer, Assistant Professor in the Psychology program.

Online Sociology Club
This student group is a collaborative effort between Ashford’s sociology faculty members in the College of Liberal Arts and students who are interested in sociology.

The objectives are to: 
  • provide a supportive environment for learners
  • provide examples of practical applications of sociology
  • share volunteer and service opportunities
  • increase interactions between students and faculty
  • share information about career paths, research, scholarships, graduate school, and publishing
  • highlight student and faculty accomplishments 
The faculty advisors are Dr. Elaine Alden, Program Chair of Ashford’s Sociology program and Efua Akoma, a full-time faculty member in the Sociology program.

Sigma Epsilon Kappa
This student group is a social society that embraces the unified goal of giving hope to women seeking non-traditional education.

The objectives are to:
  • promote philanthropy, education, and personal growth in female learners and the women in their lives
  • exemplify integrity, leadership, perseverance, academic excellence, and equality
  • impart of the benefits of Panhellenic traditions amongst online students
The staff advisor is Sarah Gates-Lozier, MEd, Student Development and Engagement Manager.

For more information about getting involved in an online student organization or creating a recognized student organization, contact