Service Learning

Service Learning and Career Exploration

Service Learning combines academic studies with community volunteer service, enhancing student learning by offering a hands-on learning experience that fulfills a community need. Approximately 200-300 Ashford University students participate in service learning on the Ashford University Campus every semester. This service has generated thousands of hours of service every year. Service learning not only helps support a student’s learning and growth, but it helps enlarge the capacity and quality of service delivery in Clinton, Iowa (an economic impact of approximately $22 for every hour served per student).

A sample of the projects include: a middle school dance to promote a healthy lifestyle, a food drive to support a local homeless shelter, and sustainability reports for local non-profits, and website design for local small businesses.

“To be a leader one must learn to serve. And I think my previous and current service projects are agents that will boost the leadership skills in me. I say this because I'm becoming more and more sensitive to needs of people. I'm beginning to think of ways to help a greater population of people.” 

– Nnamdi Ekesi, Senior, Bachelor of Science in Biology (Abuja, Nigeria)

Career Exploration
Service learning also gives our students the opportunity for career exploration. Students who take advantage of these opportunities are not only able to give back to the community, but also gain a deeper understanding of what a job in their desired field could possibility entail. This can either strengthen or change an individual’s career path.

“The SRV 201 service learning class has made me see the importance of helping those who are less fortunate than you. In my future career, I will look for a company that has a strong commitment to providing services not just for monetary purposes but because it is the right thing to do.”
– Alex Kivali, Senior, Bachelor of Arts in Accounting (Abbots Langley, England)

Audra Adams, MBA
Manager of Service Learning
563.242.4023, ext. 27105