The Clarion

The Clarion is the University's student newspaper. Students can participate in all aspects of newspaper production including reporting, writing, editing, layout, photography and management. Any student can apply for a position on the newspaper staff.

Working for the newspaper is excellent experience for students in many different disciplines. Art, public relations, and graphic design students can earn field experience by helping with layout in Adobe InDesign or creating comic strips and cartoons; business and marketing students can earn experience by selling and creating advertisements and working with advertisers; and students from any discipline can write columns or news stories based on information in their areas of study.

The newspaper is published regularly during the academic year by the English 211 News Reporting Lab class. Students do not have to be enrolled in this course to be a part of the Clarion staff. To work on the staff for course credit or work study, instructor approval and/or prior experience or coursework is required.

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News items, story ideas and letters to the editor can be delivered to The Clarion's office in Room A421 of St. Clare Hall or emailed to

If you are interested in more information about joining the staff, please contact Brian Burmeister, The Clarion advisor, at, ext. 27220


The Clarion’s staff meets on Wednesdays at 3 pm in C5103

Members Include: Ashley Burns, Amber Elkins, Zach Nielsen, Alex Miller, Murilo Ceruli, Joseph Danforth, Kayla Duprey, Bethany Fett-Dykes, Dean Hollewell, Jessica Jackson, Olivia Johnston, Dominque Kelley, Celestre McKay.

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