Ashford University Adds Business Economics Major to its list of Academic Offerings

Following the successful addition of both a minor and a specialization in Business and Economics, Ashford University administrators have developed a full bachelor’s degree program dedicated to the comprehensive discipline. Ashford University’s new Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics degree program was designed specifically for students seeking careers in economics, financial analytics, foreign trade, strategic planning, labor analysis and related industries. 

“This new bachelor’s degree program is another example of Ashford University’s continued commitment to provide its students with high-quality, innovative and easily accessible academic degree program options,” said Dr. Michael Reilly, program director for Ashford University’s College of Business and Professional Studies. 

“Ashford University’s Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics degree combines the optimum blend of theory and professional practice for an all-inclusive education in business and economics,” he said. “Studying economics can provide significant flexibility and advantage when searching for a career.”                                                                                                 

According to Dr. Jane McAuliffe, Ashford University’s chief executive officer and president , “We are excited to continue our expansion of academic offerings at Ashford University. By diversifying our programs, we hope to satisfy the individual and professional needs of our students, as well as of their future employers, by providing a solid foundation for success in the business world.”   

While the Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics degree program is currently open to online students only, Ashford University is exploring the possibility of extending it to campus students, as well.  

Ashford University’s existing minor and specialization in Business Economics – previously open to on-campus students only – is now available for online student enrollment. To learn more or to apply for any of these new programs, please visit

About Ashford University

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