Ashford University Adds New Public Administration Master's Degree Program to its Academic Offerings

Ashford University has announced the addition of a new Master of Public Administration degree to its list of academic offerings. The program is part of the university’s continuing plan to provide students with high-quality, innovative, easily accessible and professionally transferable graduate degree program options. 

“Our research indicates very few online degree programs exist for students who are seeking a Master in Public Administration degree,” said Dr. Michael Reilly, Program Director for Ashford University’s College of Business and Professional Studies. “Our primary goal with this program was to meet that need and to establish a comprehensive educational curriculum that would adequately prepare our graduates for work in public service.

“We understand that having good teachers is integral to the overall value of a student’s education, so we made sure all of our professors are experts in the field of Public Administration. In fact, many hold leadership positions in local, state and national government,” he said.  

Enrollment for this new master’s degree program, offered through Ashford University’s College of Business and Professional Studies, begins April 30, 2009. In February of this year, Ashford introduced several other new programs in Public Administration: one major/bachelor’s degree, one minor and one specialization. 

Graduates of the Master in Public Administration degree program will be academically prepared for work in the government, non-profit and public service sectors. Examples of applicable careers include: city/county manager, management analyst, safety officer, customs inspector, criminal investigator, patent examiner, urban planner, social worker or industrial relations specialist.  

Currently, this program is open to online students only. To learn more or to apply, please visit

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