Ashford University Campus Moves to Online Textbook Program

Beginning with the fall 2013 semester, campus students at Ashford University in Clinton will be able to obtain all of their textbooks through a new online bookstore.

“There is a lot of overhead in a textbook program, from getting the correct books to dealing with old editions. There are much better ways we can use those resources,” said Floyd Young, director of facilities at Ashford University. “Now, students can buy their course materials any time, from anywhere; and they have more options, such as rental and digital.”

Through the online bookstore, students will be able to find all the materials for their classes in one location. The service will provide competitive pricing for new textbooks, the largest inventory of used textbooks, and guaranteed buyback so students know what to expect should they decide to sell their books back at the end of the term.

With a 24/7 contact center, students will have the ability to call, email or chat with a helpful representative whenever they have questions.

Ashford will use Direct Digital, a digital platform by MBS Direct, to bring learning off the printed page with embedded resources, note sharing and text-to-speech capabilities. Both students and faculty will benefit. Faculty will have access to reporting features not possible with traditional textbooks, and students will have the flexibility to read their textbooks on whatever mobile device they already own.



About Ashford University

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