Ashford University Introduces Two Specializations for the Master's in Education: Mathematics Instruction and Family and Community Services

Expanded Options for Master's in Education Increase Degree's Impact


Ashford University, a Bridgepoint academic institution, has just released two new specializations to support the Master’s in Education currently offered: the Mathematics Instruction and the Family & Community Services specializations.

Both specializations are engineered to underwrite the value of Ashford’s Master’s in Education, but they serve divergent purposes. The mathematics specialization is designed to increase the ability for potential instructors’ to teach core math and calculation skills to elementary and middle school learners. The need for this specialization was recognized by Ashford faculty; Americans seek to improve the next generations’ capabilities in subjects such as math, which are evermore necessary as global competition for advanced employment increases.

According to Dr. Rebecca Wardlow, program director for the College of Education, “Teachers who have trained in providing general education services may lack the confidence or specialized knowledge necessary to encourage mathematical thinking. This specialization, with 12 credits of mathematics instruction, will address specific topics such as teaching algebraic thinking, the use of technology in mathematics instruction, and addressing math and science instruction together.”

The second specialization introduced to enhance Ashford’s Masters in Education is Family & Community Services, which was created to improve a future instructor’s capacity to assist with parental, child and familial challenges, working within and without the family structure. Much of this specialization’s focus is on increasing the capacity to handle students’ non-educational requirements. It will also support work in community, social welfare and counseling programs.

“Working with organizations that support families and children in the community is an important role,” added Dr. Wardlow. “We are pleased to help prepare our students to fulfill this need. Through the expertise they will acquire with a specialization in Family & Community Services, graduates of the program will be in a position to assist or collaborate with these organizations that, in turn, support the children in our schools.”

Both of the new Master’s in Education specializations will be available as of the end of December 2010, and both are online-only courses at this time. Ashford University’s specializations in Mathematics Instruction and Family & Community Services do not lead to licensure or certification of any kind.

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