Ashford University Replaces Student's Textbooks Damaged in Recent Flood

Ashford Comes to Aid of Students, Replaces Damaged Textbooks

When Adam Ferguson and his family were assessing the damage to their home caused by the Mississippi River flooding in late July, they realized the flood waters had ruined Ferguson’s recently purchased college textbooks. 

Ferguson is set to begin classes later this month at Ashford University in Clinton, IA. He participated in the university’s new student orientation on July 17-18 and, while on campus, purchased textbooks for the fall semester. A week later, the river, fed by heavy rains, overflowed its banks, causing extensive damage to more than 50 homes in the Savanna, Illinois area. The damage to the Ferguson home was so great that the family has had to re-locate to a rental home. Ferguson lost most of his personal possessions, including his car, in the flood. 

Meeting just a few days after the flood, Ashford University’s Social Responsibility Committee heard a presentation asking for help for families affected by the situation.   The Committee began making plans to help relief efforts, collecting clothes, appliances and furniture, as well as cash donations. That’s when the university learned of Adam Ferguson’s plight from the family itself. 

On Friday, Aug. 6, Ferguson, who will be studying physical education, made another trip to the Ashford Bookstore and left with another new set of textbooks. But this time, the textbooks were provided free of charge. 

“Ashford is glad we were able to help Adam by replacing his books for the semester,” said Waunita Sullivan, director of Student Success. “Most of us cannot imagine what it would be like to go through a disaster like this. Hopefully, Adam and his family will have one less thing to worry about now.”