Ashford University Students Raise More than $4,000.00 for Children's Discovery Center

Funds will purchase new indoor gym equipment for the nursery

When Ashford University’s Student Government Association (SGA) was planning its spring fundraisers, including its first “Saints Scuttle” 5K race, the students were hoping to raise $2,500.00 to donate to Clinton’s Felix Adler Children’s Discovery Center. That was the amount the Center needed to purchase a new indoor nursery gym. However, after all of the profits were totaled, the students were delighted to discover that their efforts had netted $4,025.00.

SGA presented the $4,025.00 check to representatives of the Discovery Center on April 20, thrilling its director, Margaret L. Kuhl. “The Saints Scuttle was an amazing success, especially for a first time race,” she said. “Many community members who walked or ran have all commented that it was ‘fun and well-organized.’ The proceeds will enable the Children's Discovery Center to purchase a nursery gym which encourages large motor control, fitness fun and provides stimulating visual and tactile experiences for toddlers. This has been on our Discovery Center wish list.”

Kuhl said the equipment is expected to receive lots of use. “Nearly 30,000 guests visit annually; they have come from 60 cities in Illinois, across the state of Iowa, the USA and the world,” she said. “Thanks to the Ashford Student Government Association, the students, and Ashford University.  We appreciate and value partnering for success.”

The inaugural Saints Scuttle had 263 confirmed entries. 

During the first Saints Scuttle, the top overall female finisher was Stephanie Migawa from Blue Grass, IA with a time of 23:28.90.  Chris Scott from Morrison, IL was the top overall male finisher with a time of 17:30.56.  Other top finishers include:

Female 15-19: 1, Olivia Johnston, Clinton, IA; 2, Ellie Francis, Lyndon, IL; 3, Ashley McCue, Sterling, IL.

Female 20-24: 1, Kelli Krogman, Clinton, IA; 2, Kierra Canier, Stockton, IL; 3, Amanda Dennis, Davenport, IA.                      

Female 25-29: 1, Audra Adams, Camanche, IA; 2, Erin Griswold, Clinton, IA; 3, Whitney Murray, De Witt, IA.                       

Female 30-34: 1, Stephanie Migawa, Blue Grass, IA; 2, Shanna Krogman, Clinton, IA; 3, Kristy Gertson Cleppe, Bettendorf, IA.

Female 35-39: 1, Aimee Hammel, Clinton, IA; 2, Zandra Hayes, Clinton, IA; 3, Andrea Dorsey, Clinton, IA.

Female 40-44: 1, Jennifer Dorsey, Davenport, IA; 2, Julie Small, Camanche, IA; 3, Karrie Kenney, Clinton, IA.

Female 45-49: 1, Deb Bianchi, Clinton, IA; 2, Pam Petersen, Clinton, IA; 3, Beth Kenney, Clinton, IA. 

Female 50-54: 1, Shelly Mohr, Fulton, IL; 2, Ditas Sturtz, Clinton, IA; 3, Sandy Porter, Wheatland, IA.

Female 55-60: 1, Denise Schroeder, Bryant, IA; 2, Carol Skiff, Clinton, IA; 3, Kristi Lockard-Montgomery, Camanche, IA.

Male 10-14: 1, Christopher Link, Lyndon, IL.

Male 15-19: 1, Payton Nevills, Savanna, IL; 2, Ben Redmond, Sheffield, IL.

Male 20-24: 1, Devan Ebensberger, Clinton, IA; 2, Ben Parker, Iowa City, IA; 3, Tyler Morehead, Clinton, IA.

Male 25-29: 1, Matthew Whyte, Fenton, IL; 2, Beau Brewer, Clinton, IA; 3, Franklin Barnes, Clinton, IA.

Male 30-34: 1, Jameson Harbron, Morrison, IL; 2, Troy Migawa, Blue Grass, IA; 3, Brandon Snyder, Unknown.                       

Male 35-39: 1, Chris Scott, Morrison, IL; 2, Jessup Schroeder, Clinton, IA; 3, Chris Powers, Camanche, IA.

Male 40-44: 1, Troy Riley, Goose Lake, IA; 2, Eric Alber, Clinton, IA; 3, Tim Foley, Clinton, IA.

Male 45-49: 1, Brian Parker, Morrison, IL; 2, Timothy Determan, Clinton, IA; 3, John Borah, Clinton, IA.

Male 50-54: 1, Tom Shipp, Prophetstown, IL; 2, Mike Wolf, Clinton, IA; 3, Carl G. Woodard, Silvis, IL.

Male 55-59: 1, Randy Meier, Clinton, IA; 2, Terry Kenney, Clinton, IA; 3, Gary Determan, Clinton, IA.

Male 60-65: 1, Bruce Bradway, Lost Nation, IA.


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