Ashfrod University Adds New Political Science and Government Bachelor's Degree Program

Ashford University has announced the introduction of a new Political Science and Government bachelor’s degree program. The program is being offered in support of Ashford University’s continued commitment to provide its students with high-quality, innovative and easily accessible academic degree program options.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Tice, Provost for Ashford University, “Through this program, Ashford addresses the growing demand for people who understand the significance of the increasing complexities of our nation and world.  In my opinion, our global socioeconomic situation requires that we improve our national understanding of politics - at the national and international level - and act appropriately.” 

“Even if graduates of this program choose not to participate in politics directly, this program is designed to will help them to become better-informed citizens,” Tice added.

Graduates of Ashford University who complete coursework for the Political Science and Government bachelor’s degree program will be academically prepared for careers in public service, non-profit agencies, government, education, law enforcement, social science, and/or resource allocation.  

Currently, the program is being offered to Ashford University’s online students only. To learn more or to apply, visit

About Ashford University

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