Big Ashford News Announcements at Noon on August 31

The Clinton community is invited to Ashford University's day-long celebration of its largest class, Saints team spirit and first soccer game at the new athletic complex on
Aug. 31.

A pep rally/news conference will be at noon, Tuesday, Aug. 31, at the St. Clare Courtyard, 400 N. Bluff Boulevard. President Jane McAuliffe and Vice President, Campus Director John Ballheim will make announcements on: 

  • Tuition Scholarships -- This initiative has resulted in the largest on-campus enrollment in the university's 92-year history. Nearly half of the estimated 700 fall class is attending for free. The 2011-2012 program will be announced.


  • Renovations and Improvements -- Since purchasing the university in 2005, more than $15 million has been invested in the campus. Learn what's planned for the future.


  • The Ashford University Economic Activity Analysis for the Clinton Regional Development Corp. Business output topped $39 million in 2009.

Expect lots of excitement in anticipation of the first official game on the new soccer field. McAuliffe, Ballheim, students -- from tuition scholars to soccer team captains -- faculty and alumni will be available for interviews.

Media is also invited to the soccer field ribbon cutting at 4 p.m., 1650 S. 14th Street. Complete itinerary is attached.