Responding to Students

Feedback to Students about Measurement and Changes Implemented.

"Your Voice is Being Heard" details feedback to Ashford students.

In 2009, Ashford University launched an information piece; "Your Voice is Being Heard" which was disseminated to the online students via the Student Portal in August 2009. “Your Voice is Being Heard” describes the actions that have taken place based on Noel-Levitz 2008 data regarding student perceptions of satisfaction.

In September 2010, "Your Voice is Being Heard" was updated with the results of the 2010 Noel-Levitz Survey and informs the students of significant enhancements to University services that had taken place over the previous year. The 2011 “Your Voice is Being Heard” details how the information gained from Student Affairs focus groups has been used to improve the quality of services and programs at Ashford University.

In the summers of 2012 and 2013, “Your Voice is Being Heard” was updated with the results of the Noel-Levitz Priorities Survey for Online Learners, administered each spring. Students were informed of the many actions that have taken place in an effort to enhance the Ashford University student experience.

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