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Here at Ashford University, we are entrenched in the graduation-celebration mindset! To help you feel the same, click below to listen to the iconic Pomp and Circumstance, originally composed by Edward Elgar, and keep reading to learn more about our 2018 graduating class.

Ashford University Graduation 2018

Whether you walk across the stage in a billowing robe or wait anxiously at home for the package marked “Do Not Bend” to arrive in the mail – receiving your college diploma is a moment that stays in your mind forever. Graduation is the culmination of the thousands of pages you’ve read, hundreds of projects you’ve completed, and countless sleepless nights you’ve spent immersed in course material. Because we know just how hard all of that work is, we wanted to give a special shout-out to the Ashford University Spring 2018 Graduating Class!

Take a look at this term’s graduation infographic and use the sharing buttons below to highlight your success (if you’re part of our graduating class) or share what you’re striving toward.

Graduation Requirements for Ashford University

Not only is graduation a time of great excitement, it’s a celebration of enormous achievement and effort. While a full-time student can often finish an associate degree in two years and a bachelor’s degree in four years, those completing their degree at an online school often have many other factors to consider – such as a full-time job or growing family. 

Graduation Requirements for Ashford University’s Online Degrees

Each level of degree takes a different amount of time and credit requirements to achieve. While time to graduation can be affected by transfer credits and a student’s ability to take courses uninterrupted, the credits required to earn a degree are standardized. 

  • Online associate degrees require 67 credits and a minimum 2.00 GPA 
  • Online bachelor’s degrees require 120 credits and a minimum 2.00 GPA
  • Online master’s degrees differ in credit requirements based on area of study

Learn more about Ashford University’s graduation requirements and find helpful checklists to keep you on track.

Are you graduating this spring? Share your excitement or cheer on your classmates by posting well-wishes on social media using #AUgrad18.



Written by Ashford University staff


ashford university commencement infographic


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