Three Ways Graduate School Can Help You Change Careers

Graduate School

If you’ve been working in one career for several years, you may feel ready for a change. Here are three ways that you can reinvent yourself by earning your graduate degree.

Learn new skills

In most industries, people know you for what you can do. So learning new skills is at the heart of reinventing yourself. Graduate programs usually include some research component. Conducting research not only builds your fact-finding skills, it exposes you to many different ideas and perspectives. Adding to your skill roster is the best way to become more marketable to employers. And as you use your new skills in the workplace, you’ll develop a reputation as a professional with the know-how to get things done.

Look Before You Leap

Think of online courses as a way to minimize risk. Online graduate degree programs allow you to keep your current job while earning your graduate degree. This situation is perfect for determining a new career for yourself. You can earn money while you figure out your next direction. Use grad school to research various jobs and industries before you make the leap. This way, you don’t rush into an all-new career, only to find your new job isn’t what you expected.

Give Yourself Time

Graduate school is a special time when you can step back and look at your life. Use this time to create a new resume and portfolio using projects from your courses. Revamp your personal website, or create a new one to feature the new skills you’re learning. By the time you finish your degree program, you’ll be ready to move in to a new career with confidence.

Career transitions are exciting, but they can be difficult if you don’t plan ahead. Graduate degree programs are a smart way to prepare to make the switch and reinvent yourself.


Written by Ashford University staff.

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