Choosing a Sports and Recreation Management Specialization

Sports and Recreation Management

So you love sports but you lack the big serve of Serena Williams or the three-point skills of Stephen Curry. Nevertheless, you can still have a rewarding career in athletics. Sports is a big business, and it requires trained business professionals to make it run smoothly. Set yourself up for success in the business side of sports with a degree in Sports and Recreation Management.

The Forbes School of Business® at Ashford University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management that is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. The degree prepares students for managerial positions in professional sports, fitness clubs, athletics equipment merchandising, and more. Besides the standard courses for the Sports and Recreation Management degree, the program also offers five specializations that focus on different business skills. Let’s take a look at the five specializations and how they prepare students for specific careers in the sports and recreation management field.


As the name implies, the entrepreneurship specialization is ideal for students who are interested in launching a small business in the sports industry. The curriculum covers the vital information students will need to know in order to start an enterprise. Topics covered include funding a new business, start-up business strategies, human resources management, introductory marketing, and innovation.

“The subject matter and courses will allow for a greater understanding, insights, and knowledge as to assessing the risks involved in an entrepreneurial venture, analyzing the impact of the political, legal, and ethical environment on entrepreneurial ventures, and analyzing emerging issues facing emerging businesses in competitive markets,” said Dr. Nils Jonas Ohrberg, Program Chair for the Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management program.


Students interested in the economic side of sports organizations may benefit from the finance specialization. The four courses in the specialization cover topics like investing, financial markets, financial institutions, financial instruments, and financial planning. Students will learn how to analyze business and financial conditions, apply financial theories to conduct financial analysis, and measure and achieve the efficient use of financial resources.

Information Systems

Like any modern business, sports organizations rely upon technology to function efficiently. The information systems specialization will help students become the tech gurus for sports organizations. Students will dive into key concepts like programming, database management systems, telecommunications, building an information systems network, and business systems analysis. Classes are designed to boost business knowledge and technical skills within the context of the sports world.


“The specialization in marketing will provide students with the core concepts, subject matter, and practices for marketing in various types of sports organizations,” said Dr. Ohrberg. Some of those concepts and practices include advertising, media buying, marketing strategy, market research, and international marketing. Students will also learn about the psychological and cultural factors that drive consumer behavior. The specialization is ideal for students who are interested in connecting sports organizations with their target audiences.

Project Management

The project management specialization covers a broad range of skills to help students oversee various business initiatives. The curriculum teaches the principles and concepts of project management, the utilization and application of project management resources, leadership skills, and communication skills. Students will also explore quality assurance, risk management, procurement, cost control, schedule control, workflow analysis, and performance evaluation.

You may have noticed that all of these specializations focus on business skills that transcend the sports industry. Those business skills can prove especially valuable to graduates as they move through their careers. The specializations give graduates flexibility to apply their knowledge into other areas outside of the realm of sports. Students gain a comprehensive education in sports and recreation management plus focused instruction in business topics; it’s a win-win.

Written by Erik Siwak, Communications Manager for Bridgepoint Education

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