Don't Spend Another Day Doing Something You Hate. 10 Ways to Tell It's Time for a Career Change.




You’ve considered making a career change, but you’re so accustomed to being unhappy at work for so long that it seems like the norm. How do know if it’s really time to switch? Here are 10 wakeup calls:



1. Mondays are the worst


It’s a given that no one particularly loves Monday. When you hate your job, though, the agony begins with tossing and turning all Sunday night as you dread the start of another week.



2. You just returned from your high school reunion


The old gang got back together after a decade, and everyone seemed happy and fulfilled in their careers. Chances are part of that was illusion, but it was enough to make you think: If they’re all having wonderful lives, why am I still in this job I hate?



3. You’ve known more than your last three bosses


Every few years you wind up training a new supervisor who doesn’t know nearly as much as you about the company or the industry. You dream of the day when you have a degree and the tables are turned.



4. You’ve considered wallpapering your cubicle with rejection letters


This one is closely related to No. 3. You know you can do the job. You have great ideas, but no one will give you the chance to implement them.



5. You just ordered “9 to 5” on DVD


That classic movie about three secretaries who kidnap their tyrannical boss and take over the company really speaks to you. You wouldn’t go that far, but in your more frustrated moments, it’s tempting.



6. You could do the job in your sleep


In fact, some days you feel like you’re half asleep for eight straight hours, as you spend the shift with mind-numbing work. Conversely, on other days your brain shrieks, “I can’t take the tedium anymore.”



7. You live for lunch hour


No sooner than you sit down at your desk, your thoughts turn to lunch plans. Where to go to eat, and how long before you can take off? You’re also a prolific clock-watcher at the end of the day which, of course, makes the minutes crawl.



8. The rest of your life is a stress bomb


Misery for eight hours a day tends to pile up. You wind up taking the tension out on friends, family, even the dog.



9. You don’t fit in


You can completely relate to the elf Hermey, who laments about being a misfit in the Claymation “Rudolph” cartoon. He didn’t want to make toys. He wanted to be a dentist. You get him.



10. You could run the company. Yes, really.


You have a great innate feel for structure. You’re organized and you can keep projects on track. You have a passion for learning--not just about your department, but about the company as a whole. You’re a big-picture thinker stuck in a tiny frame.



There are many other reasons for leaving your job, including compensation, the company is falling apart, etc. Whatever the reason, stop spending a quarter of your life in a job you hate, acquire the necessary skills to succeed, and move on to a career that’s challenging and rewarding.



Written by Ashford University staff

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