How to Be a Problem Solver in Business

Problem Solver in Business

Problems are a part of life. We all have them, and we all face them. This idea is especially true in the business world. Today’s corporate arena is filled with problems that employees maneuver through on a daily basis. However, have you ever noticed that some people are much better at solving problems when faced with adversity? These individuals typically move into leadership positions much faster and develop a high level of respect among their peers.

If you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum, don’t fret. The online Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management at Ashford University can help you develop the skills needed in order to be an effective problem solver. Making minor adjustments to the way you view certain situations could potentially have a huge impact on your problem-solving skills.

Keep an Open Mind

Not being receptive to progressive ideas can hinder a project, and it can slow production down immensely. Whenever you shut out ideas that don’t necessarily mesh with your style of thinking, you could potentially miss out on an opportunity to solve the issue.

Successful problem solvers recognize this opportunity and are able to think outside the box and step away from their comfort zone. Doing so allows them to keep an open mind that ultimately leads to creative solutions.

The online classroom at Ashford University caters to this creative style of thinking. The curriculum and the discussion boards within the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management program encourage students to examine various issues with their peers and instructors. Doing so promotes diverse ideas and open-minded discussions between you and your classmates.

List the Obstacles

Some problems are more involved than others and could require more than one solution. That’s why it’s important to recognize obstacles that are standing in the way of a solution and to list them out.

Effective problem solvers who practice this technique will not only gain a high-level view of the problem, but they’ll also potentially foresee any future obstacles that may arise.

As an online student at Ashford University, there will be multiple instances where you’ll have the opportunity to put this strategy into action. Whether it’s in the classroom or while you’re studying, listing out all of your educational obstacles will give you a much better understanding of how to find the solution.

Reverse Engineer the Problem

Having the ability to visualize the solution and work backwards helps problem solvers build a roadmap towards a successful end result. This highly effective skill is commonly referred to as reverse engineering.

Another key component to this skill set is communication. It’s also very important to articulate your vision of how to reach the solution. Communicating the steps of what needs to be done will help to insure that everyone involved is on the same page.

When you begin your educational journey, you typically have an end goal in mind. This goal could be a new career, a promotion at work, or a personal achievement. Regardless, if you view your goal as being the solution, you can reverse engineer the steps you’ll need to take in order to reach that goal and earn your degree.

Develop Relationships

In the business world, solving problems is a team sport. That’s why it’s important to develop relationships and break down silos within the workplace. It’s highly unlikely that when a problem arises one person in a single department will handle it. Does this ever happen? Sure. But problems usually involve multiple individuals from various departments within an organization.

Problem solvers recognize that solutions come from groups of people who work together to reach a common goal. That’s why they’re so keen on developing strong relationships with internal and external employees throughout their company.

Being a problem solver is a key skill in a variety of professional settings. Using these strategies can maximize your effectiveness at becoming better at this important proficiency.

Written by Ben Cummings, Digital Marketing Specialist at Bridgepoint Education

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