How to Clean Up Your Online Presence for Potential Employers

Clean up your Online Precence

Anyone participating in today’s workforce may have their online presence closely scrutinized. For many employers this online check happens at the beginning of the vetting process. If there is something negative or inappropriate associated with you on the internet, you’re most likely out of the running.

The good news is that a positive online persona can sway an employer in your favor. Both factors argue in favor of working to make your internet presence shine. Here are tips for doing just that.

Aim for a Consistent Online Image

Avoid making the mistake of developing separate professional and private online images. Keep in mind that employers will search for you on Google, and all of your posts, photos, and comments will come up at that time. You might have an impressive bio on LinkedIn, but an employer is also likely to see you on Facebook kicking up your heels at a wild party. You won’t have the opportunity to explain that the party was the first one you attended in months because of all the studying you were doing. Play it safe and avoid posting any verbiage or photos that could be misconstrued.

Keep Things Public

In order to avoid an employer finding you online in a less than flattering situation, it might seem like a good idea to block your social network profile. This tactic may send up a red flag, as it will appear as if you have something to hide. Your best option is to be transparent. Take advantage of the public exposure and impress viewers by using the opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and any writing you’ve done in your area of expertise.

Craft Impressive Bios

Social networks give you the opportunity to include a public bio, and employers may read them. Essentially mini resumes, bios offer the chance to summarize your experience and share about your skills and interests. This window in to who you are can be used to impress employers and help them determine if you would be a good fit for their companies.

Remove Negative Posts and Photos

During your online housecleaning, whenever possible, remove any negative posts or photos. The process for this sweep is fairly easy on your own Facebook and Twitter pages. If you find any posts or images on Google that you want removed, ask them to take down the pages by following their removal procedure.

Check Up On Yourself Often

Google yourself regularly to stay on top of what potential employers are seeing. Keep in mind that the first three spots on Google get more than 50 percent of the clicks, so focus on those three first and then go down the page.

In today’s job market, your online profile may be a key factor in convincing potential employers to grant you an interview, let alone make you an offer. Use these tactics for cleaning up your online image, and you’re sure to impress anyone who Googles you.

Written by Ashford University staff.

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