Love What You Do: Why Go to Work Unless It’s Fun?

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Contrary to what many of us might claim, our dream job is not lying around all day doing nothing. If that were the case, we’d never try to better ourselves. More likely, our dream jobs involve some variation of a hobby or passion in our personal life (i.e. people who love to write look for opportunities to express themselves in words, or people who love kids try to find work in education). At best, we try to steer ourselves toward careers that tap into these passions and inspire us to be productive even on the slowest days.

This thought is what motivated Brandi T. to return to college. The Ashford University student and Louisiana native is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Studies, and wrote on the University Facebook page about her desire to help troubled children and adults.

“I am a paraprofessional in the public school system. I work with emotionally disturbed children,” she wrote. “That’s what drove me to the degree I’m achieving. The kids I see every single day have no positive people in their lives. I want to be that person for them.”

For Ashford graduate and fitness expert Christopher Kennerly, his dream to open a gym couldn’t come true unless he focused his passion into becoming a subject-matter expert, and the first step was earning a degree.

“Having the credentials, that’s proof, and nobody can steal your proof,” Kennerly said after receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management at Ashford’s 2015 Commencement Weekend. “In the world of fitness, having the degrees and certifications and things of that nature makes me a legitimate subject-matter expert.”

Stories like these serve as reminders that today’s workers have options and opportunities to break into the field of their choosing, instead of settling for an uninspiring position or company.

“Although a college degree by itself doesn’t guarantee a job – it helps a lot, though – earning a degree in the field you care about gives you the opportunity to approach a new industry with confidence,” according to Ashford University Employer Outreach Specialist, Anthony Moore.

A member of the University’s Career Services team, Moore encourages students to take advantage of resume review and mock interview services to prepare them for landing a job in an industry they love. After all, why go to work unless it’s fun?

“Imagine working at a job you’re passionate about,” Moore said. “You go to work excited to take on new challenges, make the world a better place, and strive for promotions, raises, and upward mobility.

“Your positive attitude becomes contagious – your family and friends can’t help but notice.”


Written by Jason R. Latham, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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