Marketable Degrees for 2016

Maketable Degrees

The news is increasingly rosy for those earning college degrees. Numerous forecasters and publications including the Wall Street Journal, say that the Class of 2016 could see the strongest job market of their generation.

It’s a strength the Journal expects to continue over at least the next decade, letting today’s college students get their careers off to a great start.

Where are the jobs and what education is needed to get them? Here are five marketable degrees for this year and beyond.


Year in, year out, a finance degree consistently is on most lists of the most marketable degrees. Part of the reason is sheer versatility. A finance degree opens doors in investment banking and on Wall Street.

Kiplinger sees the need for finance majors continuing to increase over the next 10 years, with increased regulations and ever-more complicated investment portfolios driving the demand.


Economics is another consistently marketable degree. Economics majors can find positions in government agencies but also in research, finance, and as consultants. Corporate jobs as financial managers are possibilities, too. Those interested in the private sector might want to consider a more tailored degree in business economics.

Kiplinger sees heavier growth in demand for economics majors than for the finance degree over the next decade.


After years of job losses due to layoffs during the recession, teaching is making a comeback. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees double-digit jobs growth through 2022 for elementary school teachers. The annual median pay’s not bad either, particularly considering there’s a summer vacation involved.

Childcare also is expected to be a growth occupation, according to the BLS.


Here’s another classically bankable major from the school of business. An accounting degree also allows a lot of choices as far as a career path. Most every business has an accounting department, and those that don’t will need to hire outside help.

With an average starting salary of $47,800 according to Forbes, and predictable schedules except for tax professionals in the spring, it’s a profession that allows practitioners to enjoy a livable income plus time to enjoy life.

Organizational Psychologists

Students aren’t the only ones looking to find a mental edge these days. So, too, are businesses. That’s led to the rise of organizational psychologists who test job applicants, help select employees, and work with those hired to increase their performance.

Such positions often require master’s degrees in psychology and clinical positions usually do as well.

Across the country, forecasters are filled with optimism for those with college degrees. The overall U.S. economy is expected to grow and with that will come increases in hiring.

Those who earn degrees in fields such as economics, finance, psychology, education, or accounting will be well positioned to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Written by Ashford University

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