New LinkedIn Tool Helps You Choose a Career

If you don’t have a clear career goal in mind, don’t panic. You’re not alone. The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently surveyed 37,874 students and found that 10.3 percent were unsure of their plans after graduation. If you are among this group of students, you might be wondering how to explore careers. You’re in luck. The number-one professional networking site, LinkedIn, has unveiled a new Field of Study Explorer that reveals how other professionals are using their college degrees. Here are three reasons why you should check out the Field of Study Explorer:

Discover careers for professionals with your degree.

There could be many career paths that you’ve never considered. Is it possible that a sociology major is now working as a Senior Recruiter for Apple? Absolutely. And viewing this person’s profile will reveal how they took their love of sociology and used it to choose a career in human resources. Using this tool may reveal new ideas on how you can apply your degree. Viewing the profiles of other professionals can also show you next steps along your career path.

Uncover companies who have hired professionals with your degree.

When you start to think about your future, are you overwhelmed by the variety of job titles? It may be easier to think about the type of organization you would enjoy working for. Using the Field of Study Explorer, you can browse the organizations that have hired professionals with your same degree. By viewing these companies, you may find an organization that is a great fit, or one you’ve never considered. When you are reviewing the list of organizations, keep in mind company culture, size, and mission to select a few that want to research further.

Build your network and gain access to new career paths.

With the Field of Study Explorer Tool, you can now connect and network with greater intention. Using this tool, you can identify which of your connections share your college major. It’s possible that you have a first- or second-degree connection that just happens to be working for a company or in a role you’ve set your sights on. These connections could serve as powerful allies and help you access an organization or industry. By conducting an informational interview or enlisting a mentor, you will be more prepared to pursue your career goal.

To access this exciting new tool, visit the Interests link on your LinkedIn homepage, and click the Education link from the drop-down menu. Your job search will thank you for taking the time to connect with like-minded professionals.

Written by Kelly Dahlke
Kelly is a Career Services Specialist at Ashford University.

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