Why Getting an MBA Is Especially Beneficial for Women

MBA for Women

Earning an MBA is a winning proposition for all students, but especially for women. Females who step up to the challenge find that their lives improve in many ways—both professionally and personally. Consider the following excellent reasons for you to get an MBA if you are a woman.

Salary Benefits

An MBA can have a significant impact on your earnings potential. According to the Forté Foundation, women who get their graduate business degree may see salary gains when they get out of school and for several years to come.

In Demand

Studies have found that companies that employ female MBA-holders experience a higher return on equity, sales, and invested capital. Many companies are increasingly hiring female MBAs because they realize the bottom-line impact of having a diverse management workforce.

Personally Rewarding

The pursuit of an MBA degree is not for the fainthearted, and getting an MBA is beneficial both professionally and personally for women. Those women who step up to the challenge and succeed tend to feel a well-deserved, deep sense of accomplishment, confidence, and pride in what they’ve done.

Encourages Assimilation

Hanging out with the guys while earning an MBA gets women accustomed to a predominantly male workforce when it comes to the upper echelons of business. Women make up a disproportionately low number in management (16 percent of female board directors in the US), and the same is true in advanced business college. The MBA experience teaches females how to successfully navigate and succeed in this predominantly male environment.

Pushes You out of Your Comfort Zone

An MBA is a challenging degree to earn with many hurdles to jump. For ambitious students, the experience and exposure to new ideas create an inner strength and fortitude that can serve women well in the work world. As a matter of fact, the risks taken during school can even lead women to discover their inner entrepreneur and choose to strike out on their own once they graduate.

Offers Opportunities for Advancement

The expertise and leadership skills women gain while earning an MBA help confer credibility that translates directly to career advancement. The lasting connections made with other students during business school can result in networking and career growth opportunities for many years to come.

Earning an MBA pays off in a big way for women. The experience offers a chance to build confidence as well as enjoy a potentially lucrative and rewarding career.

Written by Ashford University staff

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