Why Your Employer Might Pay Your Tuition


If the cost of higher education is holding you back from pursuing a college degree, it’s time to check if your employer will pay for all or part of your tuition. Innovative programs such as Ashford University's Leader Development Grant make it possible for employers to pay for tuition, so you can focus on learning – not spending.

Ashford created the Leadership Development Grant to offer companies a viable way to offer their workers a continuing education program. Programs like ours empower employees to get the degree they’ve always wanted, while also strengthening an employer’s workforce with better educated employees.

Tuition coverage is already offered by many large companies such as Starbucks, Apple, AT&T, and Bank of America. What makes Ashford’s Leader Development Grant unique is that makes it possible for approved small and mid-sized companies to offer tuition coverage and gain the same benefits that larger companies who support continuing education receive.

Leader Development Grant

By partnering with Ashford University’s Leader Development Grant initiative to offer tuition reimbursement, your employer can help you earn the degree you want and advance in your career without student loan debt. Ashford’s Leadership Development Grant, in combination with your company’s tuition assistance, covers your direct, required educational expenses, including tuition for all eligible courses, electronic course materials, technology fees, prior learning assessment fees, and even graduation fees.

Why Choose Ashford?

Ashford University offers a wide variety of opportunities to pursue fields of study that can advance your career in an exciting and convenient online atmosphere. The University seamlessly blends the experience of a traditional college with the flexibility, convenience, and technological resources of an online learning institution.

Ashford features more than 60 online degree programs that are designed to educate employees for today’s challenging workforce. These programs are included in four distinct colleges: the Forbes School of Business®; the College of Education; the College of Liberal Arts; and the College of Health, Human Services, and Science. Ashford offers degree options for wherever you are in your education journey, including the chance to earn your Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degrees.

Contact Ashford University to discuss whether your employer is a partner. Also note that if you and your employer participate in the Leader Development Grant, there are certain requirements, such as confirming your eligibility for tuition assistance and submitting a letter of credit prior to starting each course.

If you have wanted to earn a higher education degree and hesitated because of financial limitations, there’s a reason to celebrate. Thanks to Ashford’s Leader Development Grant, you may be able to get your tuition and fees covered by your employer.

Written by Ashford University staff.

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