Writing the Perfect Elevator Speech

Murad Abel Forbes Mentor Week

The elevator speech is a profound and highly impactful way to share with others who you are and provide them with the main points to remember you. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product, service, an idea, or yourself, because the 30 second elevator speech can improve your prospects through knowledge sharing. In a few sentences, you can radically change your business and life opportunities.

Society is based on social networks and knowledge sharing. The more you can connect with others and share your interests, the more likely you will find others who can help in achieving them. When working to perfect the details of your own elevator speech, remember that you want to:

  • Transform what can sometimes be an awkward first meeting into a confident introduction

  • Create awareness of your offer

  • Announce the benefits of your offer

  • Encourage a follow-up action

An elevator speech can be used at any event in which you must introduce yourself. People who build a strong elevator speech often find that they interact with more people, and those meetings lead to better outcomes. Converting your social interactions into a powerhouse of information and opportunity is waiting for you once you develop your very own “Remember Me” dialogue.

Written by Dr. Murad Abel

Dr. Abel teaches Organizational Development, Management, Operations Management, and Human Resources Management with the Forbes School of Business® at Ashford University.

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