Never Stop Learning - Forbes Women’s Summit

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When a hush falls over an audience in New York City, you know something important is happening. In this case, there was pure silence followed by uproarious applause, time and again. The 2016 Forbes Women’s Summit brought not only inspiration and support to women in various industries, but also a call to action: never stop learning.

The May 2016 event was held in New York City, and women from all walks of life, industries, and parts of the country participated in the annual conference. From Gayle King to Kate Hudson, from Greta van Susteren to Amy Robach and more, hundreds of accomplished women represented their respective work in business, philanthropy, education, media, entertainment, and technology.


Yet the common sentiment to never stop learning wove through the fabric of the entire event, stitching itself to the speeches and conversations and social media posts that materialized at every turn. Several speakers and attendees sat down with Forward Thinking to share their thoughts.

“It’s not like you finish the marathon,” said Dr. Sarah Brokaw, acclaimed psychotherapist. “The marathon just doesn’t end. You have to go beyond and continue to learn.”

Dr. Shawn Mulligan, Program Chair at Ashford University, echoed Dr. Brokaw’s convictions. “If you stay within your career without reaching for the next level, without getting your education, without getting the certifications, without trying new skills because you’re scared, your almost-certain future is you’re going to be in the exact same place 10 years from now,” she noted.

Get inspired and hear more from the leading ladies at the 2016 Forbes Women’s Summit in the video above.



Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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