Amy Stanton: On Failing, Succeeding, and Challenging Yourself

amy stanton speaks at forbes womens summit

Amy Stanton founded her namesake company, Stanton & Co., in 2006 with one big idea in mind; to build positive marketing for and around women. As S&Co. expanded, so too did the marketing her team was able to provide. S&Co.’s product offering now includes building platforms, events, programs, and content—all of which are focused on promoting role models and messaging for women. Today, the company’s clientele includes philosophy-driven brands such as lifestyle experts and hard-hitting athletes.

Prior to the launch of S&Co. in 2006, Amy Stanton served as the Director of Marketing & Communications for NYC2012, New York’s bid for the Olympics, followed by acting as the Chief Marketing Officer for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO)—the first time the role had existed within the company. During her time with NYC2012, she worked with companies and VIPs across the city, developing and executing campaigns at both the local and international level. At MSLO, she accomplished numerous goals for the company, including creating a unified brand identity, building the marketing strategy, and instituting key marketing initiatives.

It wasn’t before long, however, that Amy knew she wanted to achieve more, and the vehicle for reaching her future goals was herself. Growing up with an entrepreneurial spirit, starting her own business had always been in the back of her mind. Working for NYC2012 had breathed new life into that underlying dream when she recognized the need for positive marketing and promotion within women’s sports. Equipped with the right skills—and a proven track record for results—she turned her dream into a successful reality.

Amy was invited to the May 2016 Forbes Women’s Summit held in New York City, where she took time to speak with Forward Thinking. The event, co-sponsored by the Forbes School of Business® at Ashford University, centered on women coming together throughout a variety of industries, including philanthropy, education, business, technology, media, entertainment, and other verticals. Amy shared her experiences on failing before succeeding, challenging oneself, and the inner strength we have, but sometimes just have to find.

She noted, “It’s those moments that really make us stronger and make us not only wiser, but also able to share those lessons with everyone around us.”



Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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