Ashley Bruni Takes on Challenges

ashley bruni

Ashley Bruni has a long history in advertising, marketing, and letting her creativity flow. Presently the Director of Brand Strategy for New York’s creative legend, The New School, she also spent time as the National Marketing Director at Wanderlust Festival, as well as Account Supervisor at Young & Rubicam.

At The New School, Bruni recently took it upon herself to lead rebranding efforts, and her work has consisted of raising awareness about its mission and vision.

In May, Bruni was invited to the 2016 Forbes Women’s Summit held in New York City, where she sat down to speak with Forward Thinking to discuss technology, women in business, and challenging oneself to do and be better. The event, co-sponsored by the Forbes School of Business® at Ashford University, focused on women across many industries, including philanthropy, entertainment, media, business, technology, and education. Bruni shared her thoughts on the importance of surrounding oneself with a diverse group of minds and outside perspectives.

Noted Bruni, “Every single day you can learn something from someone else who may be of a different background, who enriches the way you make decisions and can change your perspective.”

Bruni has always believed in challenging herself, and she credits learning from different minds and points of view for the successes she has seen.



Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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