Learning from our Past, Planning our Future

Learning from the Past, Plan for the Future

A quick read of a national newspaper will validate reports that social injustices continue to devastate communities across the United States. With this sad reality, it’s no surprise that many people subscribe to the belief that education can be the most critical piece to gathering support and broadening the reach of a shared voice that demands equity.

For community members hungry for change and motivated to position their family for a brighter future, “education is the key,” says Victor Murrillo, Ashford’s Career & Alumni Services Technology & Operations Manager.


“I’m trying to relay to my kids…continue your education because who knows what the future holds and what doors will open up for you,” says Murrillo.

With Hispanic Heritage Month occurring each year between September 15 and October 15, “Honoring our Heritage. Building our Future.” has been selected as the 2016 theme. “The older generation teaching the younger generation about its heritage…culture will be appreciated, shared, and shown...” says Murrillo as he highlights the ways in which this cultural celebration aligns with his passion.

Murrillo leaves listeners with a charge, “Get involved with youth sports (or other community activities). [With] coaching, not only are you teaching the kids the fundamentals of the game and teaching them to be successful in games, but you also get to teach them to be successful off the field, in education, in schooling. It’s that key to success that they’re going to need later in life.”

However you choose participate in this cultural celebration, we challenge you to use the opportunity to champion awareness and celebrate access to education within your local community.

Written by Ashford University staff


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