These Women Reclaimed Balance in the Workplace

women attending forbes women's summit

As women continue to rise in their careers, the process of managing their leadership roles, work-life balance challenges and mounting societal pressures can create a push-pull effect on women in the workplace. The 2016 Forbes Women’s Summit: Power Redefined showcased women across multiple trades and backgrounds who are taking on their industries and branding themselves as successful businesswomen.


In the above video, Shavon Lindley, CEO and co-founder of Women Evolution, a company that provides mentoring services for women business professionals, says achieving work-life balance is about evaluating what the term means for you, the individual, and then accepting that the dynamics of home life and work will most likely change from day-to-day—and that’s OK.

Other women interviewed by Ashford University staff expressed similar sentiments regarding the word perfection and challenged their peers to see that seeking perfection in both their personal and professional lives may not be the answer, but rather, identifying what can be done in a given moment, and achieving that, is paramount.

Being focused on the task at hand is also crucial, as Terri Funk Graham, board member at Sprouts, a southern California grocery chain, says, “Don’t worry about the other noise or everything else around you. You have to focus on what you’re actually working on at that point in time, and that’s the way you can prioritize and have any sort of balance.”

Written by Amy Yarnall, Marketing Compliance Manager

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