Shavon Lindley, Women Mentors – Forbes Women’s Summit

shavon lindley giving an interview

In 2012, Shavon Lindley was looking for a female mentor as she pursued her goals. She soon realized what she was looking for was difficult to find. This hunt for exceptional female leadership turned into what is now Women Evolution, a source of innovative training solutions for women’s leadership development programs. Lindley is now known through her company as a career and mentorship expert and assists women in growing in their careers within typically male-dominated environments.

When Forward Thinking interviewed Lindley at the 2016 Forbes Women’s Summit, she explained that women make up only 14 percent of executives which causes a challenge for a lot of women to be able to find mentors they can relate to. Prior to founding her company, Lindley worked to grow the pool of female mentors with great leadership skills in order to increase the number of female leaders excelling in their careers.

When it comes to mentorship, Lindley said, “If you can find an executive who’s willing to mentor you, you latch on, you never let go.” She also mentioned that one has to show they are worth investing in before a leader will commit to taking on the role of a mentor.

Even though Lindley spends a lot of time running her business and helping others, she is also a big believer that work-life balance is essential. She advises each person to think about what work-life balance looks like and to take the time to understand what is needed in order to feel that balance on an individual level. She also suggests that it’s important to understand that work-life balance may not look the same in your life every day. She explained, “You have to give yourself that flexibility that, you know, it’s not gonna be the exact same every day, what’s really gonna make you happy and feel like you have some sort of control over your career.”

In addition to women finding a mentor and figuring out what work-life balance looks like, Lindley added that education is another key component to a successful career. Lindley explained that the skills and ideas women learn from their educators and peers during their education are just as important as completing the degree. She clarified, “…the educational piece is the foundation…of building that confidence that we need to really have more control over our career.”



Written by Amanda Tomchak, Associate Director of Student Acquisition Marketing.

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