Stand Up for Human Rights

70th anniversary of universal declaration of human rights

December 10, 2018, marks the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Leading up to this anniversary, the United Nations launched a year-long awareness campaign calling us all to action. Events such as this anniversary offer an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the rights we enjoy while recognizing that we must stand together as we advocate for equity and rights for everyone. 

Keeping with the United Nations campaign objectives to promote human rights, engage in the advancement of human rights, and reflect on the strides that have been made in this area, Promoting Awareness and Wellness in Students (PAWS) sat down with Aaron Clark, author and Faculty Support and Development Associate (FSDA) at Ashford University to discuss how students can contribute to this important cause.  


“Just because you, as an individual, may not be going through situations in which your human rights are being violated, doesn't mean that your friend, co-worker, or loved ones aren’t fighting for human rights like equality or freedom from discrimination,” says Clark, as he highlights the reality that this issue is global.

Clark recognizes the connection between education and human rights and suggests that education be used as a tool. 

“By ensuring access to education, we empower students to live a meaningful life,” he adds. “No matter your area of study, there are ways to use your education to support human rights efforts.” 

Regardless of the community in which you live and work, there are opportunities to get involved. To learn more about how you can use your area of study to make a difference in the community and stand up for human rights, watch this month’s video.


Written by Ashford University staff  


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