Stephanie Lampkin Levels the Recruitment Playing Field

stephanie lampkin

Knocking out the bias in the evaluation of résumés and credentials for tech applicants is exactly what Stephanie Lampkin had in mind when she created Blendoor, a blind recruiting app that circumvents the unconscious bias in hiring and increases the diversity in the workforce.

The company tagline refers to the app as Merit-Based Matching.

When Forward Thinking spoke to Stephanie at the 2016 Forbes Women’s Summit, she said, “We hide a candidate’s name, photo, and age, only highlighting their skills and experiences so a recruiter simply matches with candidates and candidates match with a recruiter. Whenever there is a match, each gets a push notification and they can message each other.”

Lampkin has her engineering degree. She graduated from Stanford and attended MIT for graduate school and has worked at companies like Microsoft, but it wasn’t until she experienced a less than optimal interview that Blendoor as a concept moved to the forefront of her agenda.

When asked about that past experience that changed it all for her, Lampkin said, “I thought it went really well, but the recruiter came back and said, ‘We don’t think you’re quite technical enough, but we’ll hang on to your résumé in case a sales or marketing position opens up.’” Afterward, Lampkin concluded that she didn’t fit the profile of what an engineer at that company looked like. If it were strictly based on skills and experiences, it would probably have been a different assessment.

Blendoor offers a solution that provides “huge impact around name, gender, sexual orientation, and race that is inhibiting a lot of diversity in hiring,” says Lampkin in the Blendoor official video listed on the company’s website. She explains in the video that, “What is known is that gender-and racially-diverse teams perform better, innovate more, and improve economic equality.”

Starting something from nothing is what many creative entrepreneurs are challenged with.

Entrepreneurs are the people who forge ahead to build, create, or start-up a company—based on an idea, dream, or notion.

In the interview with Forward Thinking, Lampkin said, “You are going to fail a lot. How do you fail quickly and cheaply? That’s the whole lean start-up methodology, right, but it’s real.” She continued to say that many people don’t have a good appetite for failure. She contemplated that notion, and referred to the beginning of her entrepreneurship adventure as a time when she “had to do a lot of gritty strategic moves to make sure the product I was building is something I could market.” She ultimately offers this advice: “You identify what you’re good at and focus solely on that, and you stumble along the way, but you keep going.”



Written by Amy Yarnall, Marketing Compliance Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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