How Do You Balance Being a Parent and a Student?

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Going back to college as an adult can be a tough decision, especially when you have a family to take care of. But did you know that a large portion of Ashford University’s student population is composed of parents who are raising families while earning college degrees?

Thanks to advancements in technology, the face of education has changed dramatically. Parents are no longer forced to sacrifice their education in order to take care of their family. With Ashford’s innovative approach to higher education, parents can now spend time with their loved ones and attend college at the same time.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how Ashford University helps people manage the balancing act of being a parent and a student. We’ll also hear from actual students who have been able to find success with Ashford’s innovative learning format. Let’s start with some of the ways that Ashford is making life easier for students who are also parents.

Online Classroom

Being able to log into the online classroom from anywhere, at anytime, is one of the many reasons why students with families choose Ashford’s online format. This type of accessibility gives students the opportunity to go to school when it is convenient for them and their families.

Having the freedom to spend time with your kids and not worry about missing class is a huge relief to a lot of our students. That’s why Ashford has structured classes so that you’re not overwhelmed with having to plan your entire life around school. You’ll still need to make a commitment to your coursework, but the online classes allow you to be more efficient with your time.

"Beginning my last class at Ashford University for my Bachelors of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science,” said Ashford alum Michele Atkinson, “I have not missed any activities for my kids and have worked full time, while being an online student.”

Due to the online format, Michele didn’t have to give up spending time with her children in order to earn her degree. Having the freedom to go to school on her schedule helped Michele utilize her time more efficiently and focus on what matters the most to her.

Support System

Making the decision to return to college can be scary when you think you’re all alone. But did you know that Ashford University has an amazing support team of faculty, staff, and students? They’re more than willing to help every step of the way and are some of the best resources to have while continuing your education.

Even before you enroll, the enrollment services advisors at Ashford University are here to inform and educate you on every aspect of being an online student. This way you’ll be fully prepared when making the decision on whether or not to return to college.

Additionally, you’ll have the support of your fellow students. Visit any of Ashford’s social media channels and you’ll see the camaraderie that lives within our student population. Here's just one of the many examples of the support you’ll receive from your peers at Ashford University:

“Congratulations AU graduates! You did it! I was in your shoes a year ago and I can say it really pays off to have a degree,” said Marcia Coston, Ashford University Class of 2015. “Be proud, feel blessed, and reach for the stars. Hip hip Hooray!”


Talk with any Ashford University student and you’ll find that they share a strong determination to reach their goals. The same goes for parents who are juggling the responsibilities of schoolwork and raising their children.

Having the determination to finish something that you started can have a dramatic effect on your family and how they perceive their lives as well. Many students at Ashford University are a living testament to this and are showing their children that no matter what happens, if you stay determined, you can accomplish anything.

“Ashford University has changed my life in a very rewarding way,” said Nakia Bracey, Ashford University alumnus. “I am more confident as a positive role model for my children and because of Ashford University, I also KNOW dreams really come true.”

One thing remains constant; we are extremely proud of the dedication that our students have towards achieving their goals. Having to balance the responsibilities of raising a family and going to college is no easy task, but our students are taking advantage of the innovative opportunities at Ashford and continue to inspire us.

Written by Ben Cummings, Digital Marketing Specialist

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