3 Questions to Help in Deciding on Your Degree

Deciding on your degree

When it comes to their college commitments, adult learners don’t have time to be indecisive. Unless school is a luxury they can afford, adults need to know their degree has the potential to take them to the next level personally and professionally. The last thing a student wants is to abandon their chosen degree path because they’ve lost passion for the subject or because they’ve realized it’s not worth the return on investment.

In order to help you make a decision about your degree program and stick to it, consider your answers to these three questions:

1. Is a degree required or preferred for my chosen career?

If you’re a dental hygienist who dreams of becoming a surgeon, you’re going to need more schooling. But it’s not always that obvious. You may be looking to move up in your current industry, or you may be interested in a new field but are unsure about which role is best for you and which degree will match your interests. Research, and lots of it, will answer this question for you.

2. Is my degree going to pay off?

That’s the big question for many students. Fortunately, you can find plenty of resources online that will help you determine whether your degree will put you in a position to earn that high paying job you covet. Even if you’re satisfied with the starting salary, research further and look for the 20 or 30-year earnings projections, and determine whether your return on investment is higher at a public or private university.

3. How is the job market trending?

This point is critical to your decision-making process because you don’t want to work your way through school only to end up taking a job in an industry that’s going nowhere. Use the resources at the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see the projected employment rates for your chosen career, then compare your findings with degrees and courses that will get you closer to landing a job after you leave school.

Every article, infographic, or video you consume will help you arm yourself with the information you need. The more you know about what you want from your degree program, the better you’ll feel about your decision to go to school.

Written by Jason R. Latham, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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