5 Handy Research Tools for Academic Writing

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Writing an academic paper can be a challenging task. For that reason, any help you can get with research and organization is normally welcome. The team at Ashford University developed a list of tools that can help write your research paper. Hopefully, you’ll find one or more of these tools useful for your next project.


1. Citavi


This time-saving reference management program helps you sort through and organize the many sources you accumulate while researching an academic paper. The program allows you to save important quotations along with the proper citation information, including the page numbers. You then use this tool to insert the quotations and add any other materials directly into the document. This tool speeds up the citation process, saving you so much time. And it’s free for up to 100 sources.


2. Endnote


As its name suggests, Endnote is referencing software. You use this tool to create a reference database from resources. The database of references can be edited, organized, and converted into a formatted bibliography and automatically inserted into your research paper. You can choose from seven of the most popular bibliography formats, including APA and MLA styles. The program also allows you to quickly find reference materials when you require them, including full texts.


3. Mendeley


This comprehensive program enables you to manage your research and references, as well as provides access to an academic social network where you can collaborate online with other scholars. The tool features the ability to import papers from other research software, find the latest research, and read your paper on the go with an iPhone app.


4. ReadCube


Use this desktop and browser-based program to locate, manage, annotate, and organize research articles. This tool enables you to import PDF files located on your computer and make them searchable. A built-in reader that allows for highlighting articles and taking screenshots is included. You also receive daily article recommendations that are based on the content of your library.


5. Zotero


Designed to assist you in collecting, organizing, citing, and sharing research sources, this program is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The versatile research tool senses content in your web browser, which you can add to your personal library with one click. The program provides a searchable location to store everything you require for your research project, including images, website snapshots, PDF files, and audio and video files.


Writing an academic paper is time consuming and takes a lot of effort, we know. Use these handy research tools to make the research and writing process run more smoothly. Hopefully, the tools listed above will help you save time and produce a better, more complete paper.


Written by Ashford University staff.


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